List of all CTRL Shortcuts ( A to Z)

In computers CTRL is a modifier key. When this key pressed with another key then its perform a certain action.

Ctrl+A : Select all text
Ctrl+B : Bold text.
Ctrl+C : Copy text
Ctrl+D : Open font formatting window
Ctrl+E : Center text
Ctrl+F : Find a phrase
Ctrl+G : Go to a specific page
Ctrl+H : Replace text with another text
Ctrl+I : Italicize text
Ctrl+J : Justify text
Ctrl+K : Open insert hyperlink window
Ctrl+L : Left align text
Ctrl+M : Indent a paragraph from the left
Ctrl+N : Open new document or file
Ctrl+O : Open an existing document or file
Ctrl+P : Print a document
Ctrl+Q : Remove paragraph formatting
Ctrl+R : Right align text
Ctrl+S : Save the document or file
Ctrl+T : Create a hanging indent
Ctrl+U : Underline selected text
Ctrl+V : Paste any text or object that has been copied.
Ctrl+W : Close open tab in a browser or a document in Word.
Ctrl+X : Cut text or object.
Ctrl+Y : Redo any undo action.
Ctrl+Z : Undo any action.