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Single Page Application vs Multi Page Application (SPA vs MPA)

In the era of cloud , every application has been / being migrated from desktop to web server. And companies  earlier having their older softwares on systems are creating the same  as web app for easy and global approach of clients. Now the webapp could be categorized into two types – One is traditional Multi Page […]

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How to create wordpress theme woocommerce supportable

This code can help you to  make woocommerce supportable theme, or upgrade your existing theme with theme code your theme will be fully woocommerce supportable (1) Add following code in functions.php file (2)Create a folder “woocommerce” in your theme (3)Copy template file from “wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\templates” and paste into “wp-content\themes\your-theme-name\woocommerce” Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedin

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