Useful packages of sublime text editor for front end developer


Every developer is having their own coding style depending on their interests and habits, so their IDE. At present there a number of editors are available for developers , some are paid and some are open source. Sublime text editor being one of the most popular text editor is having a lot of features. Being an open source the editor is popular among various developers including and back end. Simultaneous editing, command pallete etc are the popular features where developers find a lot of flexiblity over other editors. So if you are sublime lover and a front end developer then you are at right place. Her we are going to present the most useful sublime pacakges you can use to speed up your developement speed.

Quick go through how to install sublime packages:

  1. click the Preferences > Browse Packages… menu
  2. Browse up a folder and then into the Installed Packages/ folder
  3. Download package link and copy it into the Installed Packages/ directory
  4. Restart Sublime Text

Popular sublime packages:

1. Package Control :Got into trouble while installing package, fine just install this package Package Control and rest it will do for you. Just follow the instruction in the link given and later on this package will ease our process of package installation.

How to install package using Package control : <code>Press ctrl+shift+p</code> and then in “Package Control” and select Package Control: Install Package and when repositories have been loaded just type your package name

2. SFTP  : Hassle free upload/download of your file on SFTP/FTP servers. No need to use an sftp client to upload your files on server  Just upload your files while saving files from sublime itself

Link :


  • Work off of a server – edit and manipulate files and folders
  • Map a local folder to a remote folder
    • Publish files, folders, or just the changes since your last commit
    • Sync folders – up, down or both directions
    • Diff local vs. remote versions of a file

3. Console Wrap : Javasript developer , a sublime plugin for you. While debuging your JS you need to implement the console logs many a times. This plugin helps you to easily log your variables into your JS


Usage: Type ctrl+shift+q to console log in next line to variable and ctrl+shift+q to change the wrapping log to warn/info etc. and if you have written mutiple console log in your file, No worry just right click and go to console wrap > Remove all logs

4. Unicode Character Highlighter: While doing code there are so many unicode characters mostly spaces which are not visible and can be seen in git diff. To avoid these situation this sublime plugin to highlight all these unicode characters.

Link :

5. MarkDown Preview: You  forked the big project and got a really nice readme markdown file for it. But unfortunately opening the file in your sublime editor will bother you. No do not close it sublime has a better plugin for previewing the .md file.

Link :