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What is digital currency


Digital currency also called electronic currency is type of currency which is available only in digital form.There is no physical assets such as notes or coins available for digital currency. They operate similar to the physical currencies.They stored, transferred only electronically.

Digital currency mainly categorized into two categories :

  1. Crypto Currency
  2. Non Crypto Currency


Crypto Currency

It is a decentralized digital currency in which cryptography is used to secure all transactions.


  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Swiftcoin
  • Ripple
Non Crypto Currency

Non crypto currencies are centralized and requires some trusted parties


  • Beenz
  • e-Gold
  • Ven

Top 5 best eCommerce platforms in php

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce (EC). This allows user to buying or selling product and services online. It allows  users to exchange services with no limit of time and distance.


Magento is open source e-commerce platform. Its provide user to flexible system to mange their store. Magento is no. 1 eCommerce platform in php. Magento is perfectly suitable for small and large businesses.


  • Content Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Easy checkout system
  • Customer Management (Profile,Address Book,Order History,Product reviews)
  • Product Management
  • Stock Management
  • Payment method integration
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly (URL, google sitemap, meta information)
  • Newsletter

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Prestashop is free open source e-commerce cms in php. Prestashop attracts users with it’s rich admin panel where user can control over site. Prestashop also can be user for small, medium and large business.


  • Store Management
  • Content Management
  • Product Management (Special offer, Highlight products)
  • Order Management
  • Payment gateway integration

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Opencart also a free store management system built in PHP. It is very simple to use. Opencart comes with number of modules and themes those help user to manage their stores. Its also have a virtual file mode that is called Vqmod.


  • Rich admin dashboard
  • Multi store
  • User/Customer management
  • Product Management
  • Backup restore functionality

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Zencart also a eCommerce solution in PHP. It also free, open source and user friendly cms used to built shopping cart website.


  • Catalog management
  • Customer management
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Mulit language support

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Woocommerce is an open source WordPress plugin to build own online store. Woocommerce is the more popular eCommerce solution due to WordPress. There are lot’s of free and paid extensions in the market to expand it’s functioanlty


  • Catalog management
  • Easy to install
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Free and paid extensions to expand functionality
  • Seo friendly

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5 awesome social networking frameworks in php

Social network is a media program that is used to make connections with family, friendly,customers and clients.Php provides cms those help to create social network websites.


Buddypress is a social networking plugin that can we installed on WordPress. It help to convert your simple wordpress site into community website. It also support multi languages that help to increase it’s popularity.


  • Profile Management
  • Groups Management
  • Activity
  • Settings
  • Friend System
  • Notifications
  • Comments system

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Phpfox similar to the Facebook that is used to create online community.Phpfox comes with strong admin panel that help us to mange our website.


  • Theme management
  • User groups
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast and secure
  • Pages/Groups/Blogs/Video/Music/Events/Polls/Forum Management
  • Profile management
  • Friend system
  • Instant messaging
  • Shoutbox
  • Personal messaging
  • Custom fields
  • Third party api integration
  • Responsive design
  • Newsletter
  • Announcement

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It is an open source cms which is used for creating social networking sites. It’s comes with 36 pre installed modules.Boonex provides full control over how the site look.


  • Rich modules library
  • Template Design
  • Multi Language
  • Private Message
  • Rss Feeds
  • Media Library
  • Social buttons and sharing
  • Comments system
  • Secure
  • Seo Friendly
  • Mass mailer

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Social Engine

Social engine is an award winning php cms that allow user to create customizable  online communities. It gives you a simple network that allow you to customize it your own way.


  • No “powered-by” branding
  • Drag and drop content management
  • Membership
  • Custom layouts
  • Fully unencrypted code

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Oxwall is an open source social network community that is suitable for social networking websites.Oxwall allows photo/video sharing, blogging.


  • Profile management
  • User roles
  • News-feed
  • Photo sharing
  • Contact importer
  • Password protect albums
  • Chat system
  • Forum/Groups
  • Events
  • Social sharing
  • Payment method integration
  • Multi language support
  • Site statistics
  • Mobile friendly

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5 best frameworks in php for web developer

A php framework is a platform that allows web developers to create web applications or we can say that its provide a structure to developer to start their applications.

Php framework works on Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. MVC is a pattern to break a web application into three part.

  1. Model : Model is used to manage data. It’s used to retrieve and store data into database.
  2. View :  View is used for user interface.It’s used to present the data in a proper format
  3. Controller :  Controller is used to manage user request.It’s a middle layer between view and model.


Advantage of PHP frameworks
  • Secure
  • Code reuseablity
  • Database Management
  • Predefined functions
  • Api’s support
  • Seo url friendly
  • Extensible


There are no. of frameworks in PHP let’s talk most used framework in PHP


laravel is free open source php is a very powerful tool to create large and robust web applications.

  • Developer : Taylor Otwell
  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP



Yii is an open source, fast and secure cms based on MVC structure. In Chinese Yii (Yee) means simple and evolutionary.

  • License : New BSD License
  • Language : PHP



Cakephp is an open source rapid framework that used for create web applications.It makes application simple and fast.

  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP



Codeigniter is an also open source framework or a toolkit used for creating dynamic websites in PHP. It’s also follows the MVC structure.

  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP



Symfony is a set of php components and libraries.It allow you develop better and fast application.

  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP

Top 5 trending open source cms in php

CMS stand for Content Management System.Cms is an application that allows user to mange their content.


WordPress is the most famous cms in php.Its’ a free open source content management system in PHP. WordPress can be used for any small and big business website. we can create any kind of website like blog,e-commerce, social network, informational website in it.

Basic Features

  • Easy to use
  • Seo Friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Secure

read more about wordpress features


Drupal is an also open source cms that help you to create elegant and unique websites.Drupal is powerful web framework that help to create new generation websites.


  • Multi site support
  • Multi level menu system
  • Seo friendly url
  • Caching support
  • Multi user support
  • Rss feed and feed generator
  • Various access control

Joomla is an award wining free open source content management system.Joomla is most trusted cms by most popular brands and companies.


  • Seo friendly
  • Unique designs
  • Multilingual
  • Mobile friendly
  • Extensible



Magento is an open source  eCommerce platform built in PHP. Magento  is perfect solution for B2B and B2C


  • Beat eCommerce Platform
  • Flexible
  • Customizable



concrete5 also an open source based on MVC (Mode – View – Controller) architecture.The main feature of this cms is in context editing .


  • In context editing
  • Mobile Ready
  • Efficient
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag & drop funtionality
  • Easy installation
  • Large support