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Microsoft acquires Github

After acquiring the Job site Linkedin, Microsoft has acquired the world’s leading software development and open source platform Github for $7.5 billion.


Open source has become the dominant development paradigm and with development of VSCODE microsoft has stepped into the world of open source. 10 years ago when Github was started, it was hard to imagine that a business / enterprise company would acquire an open source organization, but today it is the reality. Github is the most popular version control system, on the other hand Microsoft is the most active organization on Github creating a number of open source project. Microsoft’s biggest open source project VSCODE editor is made on Electron JS which is developed and maintained by Github. So things are interrelated. To summarize with the leading edge of open source community and their supports Microsoft has understood the shared and faster development process of open source community.

And with the recent acquisition of Linkedin Microsoft could also want to access the poo of largest community of smart and talented developers on Github. There could be many other business strategy behind the acquisition of Github, so let’s wait and watch!!!