7 techniques to increase on page seo

On page seo is a method or a process to get more traffic from search engines by optimizing web pages. It will help to improve raking of website in search results.

Use seo friendly URLs

Never use long or ugly url for your website. Short and seo friendly url help to improve site ranking.

Use keyword in website title

Always use your main keyword into the title. It will increase the search intensity.

Create Responsive website

Always use mobile friendly design for your website. It will help to reduce the bounce rate

Increase Site Speed

Site speed is main factor in seo. User won’t stay on website if it takes long time to load and never visit it again.

Add Internal and External links

By adding more relevant external link it will help google to understand the topic and it will help to increase quality of your website and by using internal link you can engage user to stay on your website.

Use heading tags for your site heading or sub heading

Put your main heading in h1 tags.

Use social sharing

Social sharing can get more traffic on your website.