5 best frameworks in php for web developer

A php framework is a platform that allows web developers to create web applications or we can say that its provide a structure to developer to start their applications.

Php framework works on Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. MVC is a pattern to break a web application into three part.

  1. Model : Model is used to manage data. It’s used to retrieve and store data into database.
  2. View :  View is used for user interface.It’s used to present the data in a proper format
  3. Controller :  Controller is used to manage user request.It’s a middle layer between view and model.


Advantage of PHP frameworks
  • Secure
  • Code reuseablity
  • Database Management
  • Predefined functions
  • Api’s support
  • Seo url friendly
  • Extensible


There are no. of frameworks in PHP let’s talk most used framework in PHP


laravel is free open source php framework.it is a very powerful tool to create large and robust web applications.

  • Developer : Taylor Otwell
  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP



Yii is an open source, fast and secure cms based on MVC structure. In Chinese Yii (Yee) means simple and evolutionary.

  • License : New BSD License
  • Language : PHP



Cakephp is an open source rapid framework that used for create web applications.It makes application simple and fast.

  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP



Codeigniter is an also open source framework or a toolkit used for creating dynamic websites in PHP. It’s also follows the MVC structure.

  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP



Symfony is a set of php components and libraries.It allow you develop better and fast application.

  • License  : MIT License
  • Language : PHP