11 reasons why you should use wordpress

WordPress : It’s a free open source content management system based on PHP which is used to create dynamic websites.

There are so many reasons to choose WordPress for web development. Let’s discuss 11 most famous reasons.

It’s free

The most famous reason is that WordPress is free to use. It’s open source cms. you can just download it from it’s official site and use it.

Easy to use

The second reason developer prefer WordPress is that it’s very easy to use. There are no training required to use it.The end user also use WordPress easily.

SEO friendly

Nowadays a site without SEO is like a car without fuel. WordPress comes with default seo functionality. there are so many free plugins to improve seo of website.

Easy to customize

WordPress has easy admin support with rich libraries. anyone can customize their site easily. There is no programming knowledge required to customize WordPress.

Easy enhancement

WordPress comes with tons of free plugins and theme to improve and enhance the website functionality.


WordPress is multilingual platform. It’s support approx 169 languages. You can convert your site in to multilingual using plugins .

Mobile Friendly

In the mobile era responsive website is necessary.If you site is not responsive you will loose your visitors. But in case of WordPress you no need to worry about it. there are tons of free responsive elegant themes in WordPress marketplace.

More than a blog

At the starting WordPress designed for the blogging website. but now a days you can use WordPress for any kind of website like eCommerce, social network, information website.


Security is the main concern for the website owners. they always worried about the security of the website. In WordPress you no need to worry about it. WordPress continuously updates the cms to improve the security.

User role support

WordPress comes with multi user functionality. you can define roles for all the users. by default there are 6 roles in wordpress

  • Super Admin
  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber
Large community support

WordPress have large community support. there are lot’s of website those will help to use WordPress.