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display:Inline vs display:block

Normally HTML elements are rendered as box elements according to HTML specification. But the element could be shown in different manner. If not specified all the HTML elements inherit the default display property according to their behaviors. These default and basic properties are:- 1.inline 2.block 3.none display:none, property implies that element and its children elements […]

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Difference between Blur and spread in Box -shadow

Box-Shadow property in css is for defining the shadow of any div or block element. A quick look of all attributes assigned to the box-shadow property:- Box-shadow: offset-x | offset-y | blur-radius | spread-radius | color | inset; Value Description Requierd/Optional offset-x The horizontal displacement of the shadow from the div or block Requierd offset-y […]

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Bootstrap contextual classes

The bootstrap is all about defined classes,that we can use in our HTML template to beautify it without much hard work.So here in this series we will discuss about Bootstrap contextual classes.The contextual classes are the classes defined by bootstrap design team to indicate about some context. Bootstrap contextual classes :- .success >> Indicates a […]

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